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Caribbean  Collectibles Creations

. . . a glimpse of history

About Us


 Caribbean Collectibles Creations (CCC) is a creative firm that offers you a ‘slice’ of the Caribbean’s rhythm and history.  We collect and create souvenirs: Cricket Legends, Herbal Teas, Coins, Maps, NewsPapers, Pecuniary, Slave Codes, Plantation Papers, Jewelry, Island Flags Souvenir – Bags, Bathroom Accessories, Beach Wraps, Boxers, Boxing Gloves, Candles, Car Tag, Caps, Dinner Accessories, Electronic Cases, Face Masks, Head Wraps, Key Rings, Magnets, Sandals, Scarves, Socks and T-Shirts , that reflect on and appreciate the history of the Caribbean Islands.  

Come and join us to evoke our past and celebrate the future by enjoying the pulsing heartbeat of Caribbean Carnivals and Jazz Festivals that are fueled with excitement and passion. They combine the world's top musicians and artists of every music genre.     CCC also offers travel packages that entice audiences for annual Sailing Week with relaxing travel destinations.  Be a part of the fun group that indulge in the scenic views of the Caribbean from the blue waters of the Caribbean.        

Our online store is a convenient way for you to purchase a ‘slice’ of the ‘Caribbean Pie’. Visit our Collectibles page to ponder the past and embrace the future when you purchase our hand crafted gifts and souvenirs that reflect on the history and appreciate the future of the Caribbean Islands.           

For your convenience, we offer an exceptional CustomerCare Department that will provide useful information and answers to your questions. We also have departmental e-mails, so you can submit questions directly to our professionals.       

We are truly grateful for your participation in our Caribbean experience.      -Management