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Jewelry Chest

Anklets – sea shells                    Dog Tag - Coat of Arms & Island Flags    

Anklets – Silver                           Earrings

Plantation Papers

Sylvester Plantation, List of Hired Negroes, 1799  

Smith Plantation, Slave Shackle Order, November 1689  

Food Order,  May 30th 1687  

Triangular Vessel Plan, Order No. 351,  May, 1739  

Triangular Vessel Plan,  Order No. 233, September, 1789

Slave Codes

The essence of the 18th Century Slave Codes will captivate your sanity to levels of unknown proportions. They were signed, sealed and enacted to keep 'the Law of the Land' during slavery. 

The Slave Codes were adopted from the Roman Civil Codes, the English Common Law and the voracity of 18th Century slave owners morals.      Purchase your Slave Codes in a 17” x 30” frame today to enhance the décor of your home, office or special place. Reflect on the realities of the past with Caribbean Collectibles.

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