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Caribbean Collectibles Creation, cricket legends Collection, is not inclusive of all the great West Indies cricket players, but as a result of our current and ongoing research.  These cricket highlights will be updated periodically.

The history of the West Indies cricket team began in the 1890s, when the first representative sides were selected to play visiting English sides. The WICB joined the sport's international ruling body, the Imperial Cricket Conference, in 1926 and played their first official international match, granted Test status, in 1928 thus becoming the fourth Test nation.

These memorabilia in Caribbean Collectibles collection were created to respect and remember the West Indies current and pass Greatest Cricketers that have captivated us with their God given skills and talents. The equipment sold is not the property of the cricketers displayed, but a collection to represent the sport of cricket.  The statistics included were obtained from various archives and any omissions on incorrect inclusions will be updated after verification and research.

• Sir. Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose was a Bowler  

• Sir. Joel Garner – “Big Joel" or "Big Bird" was a Bowler 

• Sir. Lancelot Richard Gibbs  – “Lance” was a Bowler   

• Sir. Cuthbert Gordon  Greenidge was an Open Batsman     

• Sir. George Alphonso Headley – “Atlas” or “the Black Bradman” was an Open Batsman   

• Sir. Michael Anthony Holding – “Whispering Death” was a Bowler   

• Sir. Alvin Isaac Kallicharran was an Open Batsman   

 • Sir. Rohan Bholalall Kanhai was a Batsman   

• Sir. Clive Hubert Lloyd  –  “Big C” or “Hubert” or “Super Cat” was a Batsman    

• Sir. Malcolm Denzil Marshall – “Maco” was a Bowler   

• Sir. Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards – “Master Blaster or “Smokin Joe”, was a Batsman     

• Sir. Anderson Montgomery Everton Roberts – "Andy" was a Bowler    

• Sir. Garfield St. Aubrun Sobers   –  “Gary” was an All-Rounder   

• Sir. Clyde Leopold Walcott  was a Wicket-Keeper    

• Sir. Everton DeCourcy Weekes was a Wicket-Keeper 

• Sir Frank Mortimer Maglinne Worrell –  “Tae” was  a Batsman

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