caribbean islands' maps


18th Century  "Keep-Sake-Maps"  of  the  Caribbean  Islands Tickle your thoughts with one of Caribbean Collectibles maps that offer you endless fascination and contemplation.

The collection of 18th century maps shows eighteenth century the towns, parish churches, forts, castle mills, and sugar plantations from surveys and adjusted by observations. Reflect on how the islands were and see the advances that have been made today.  They are perfect for your home, office, business or that special gift.

Enjoy a slice of the Caribbean and purchase your specific caribbean islands map in a 17” x 30” frame today to enhance the décor of your home, office or special place and show your allegiance to your island: 

Anguilla                                     Grenada                                    St. Lucia 

Antigua                                      Guadeloupe                             Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

Bahamas                                   Jamaica                                     St. Vincent & The Grenadines  

Barbados                                  Martinique                               Tobago

Barbuda                                    Montserrat                               Trinidad

Curacao                                     Nevis                                         Turks & Caicos Islands 

Dominica                                   Puerto Rico                              Virgin Islands-British 

Hispaniola                                 St. Kitts                                     Virgin Islands-US    

                                                   West Indies

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