On behalf of our staff and leaders, welcome to Caribbean Collectibles Creations. You have joined a cohesive group dedicated to upholding our organization’s mission and code of conduct. We know that, in whatever capacity you serve, you will contribute to our ultimate goal of quality.  

It is not buildings or technology alone that fulfills our promise of  quality Customer Care, it is our team of employees that sets us apart from other Health Information Management establishments. We know, as a team member, you will do your part to adhere to organization’s mission and code of conduct.  

We have equipped you with a variety of resources to assist you on your journey here at Caribbean Collectibles Creations. This New Employee Orientation site provides information on your orientation, our organizational goals, important policies and procedures, and the benefits you receive as an employee. Use it and feel free to contact any of our administrative team if you have questions.  

Again, let me say how pleased we are to have you join Caribbean Collectibles Creations. Welcome.  

New Employee Information

We understand starting a new job can be overwhelming. That's why all new employees can expect a minimum of two full days of orientation in which they receive a breadth of information about our goals and structure. To facilitate the orientation process, remember to bring certain documentation (listed below) and complete as much of the paperwork included in your welcome packet as possible. If you cannot complete your forms, staff from Human Resources will be available to assist you.     

1.   Staff Personal Data Complete a Staff Personal Data Form. Required information includes name, address, emergency contacts, Social Security number, marital status, ethnic group, military status and voluntary interpreter/language assistance.     

2.   Direct Deposit Participation in direct deposit is required. You must provide a voided personal check and/or deposit slip. If you do not have a bank account, please talk to Payroll about establishing a debit card account with Cash Pay.     

3.   Benefits Enrollment Forms Review benefits materials and complete appropriate enrollment forms.     

4.   Federal and State Withholding Forms Complete W-4 and Georgia tax withholding forms.     

5.   Federal I-9  Provide a photo identification or driver's license AND original birth certificate OR Social Security card or other acceptable documents


As an employee whose employer participates in E-Verify, it’s important for you to understand how the program works.  By becoming familiar with E-Verify, you can take steps to ensure your employment eligibility verification is quick and easy     The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 prohibits employers from knowingly hiring illegal workers. To comply with this law, employers must collect information regarding an employee’s identity and employment eligibility and document that information on Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, no later than three business days from when the employee begins work for pay. As an employee, you must provide certain information on the form, such as your name, date of birth and Social Security number. You must also present supporting documents. 

Caribbean Collectibles Creations participates in E-Verify and will provide the Social Security Administration, and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. Those individuals who supply an I-9 document that does not have a photograph will be asked to supply a second document from List B that does have a photograph. This is due to Caribbean Collectibles Creations' participation in E-Verify.

Orientation Overview

Orientation Day One:  Your first day of orientation is filled with a variety of activities geared toward making you feel at home at Caribbean Collectibles Creations. You'll have the opportunity to meet other new employees, become acclimated to our environment and learn how we value employee contributions.       

Day One Overview  

• Learn the core purpose, core values and vision which supports Caribbean Collectibles Creations.  

• Learn environment of care (safety) practices of Caribbean Collectibles Creations and how to use safety management as a resource.  

• Learn the services provided by public safety and security precautions to protect individuals and property.  

• Learn the standards of conduct and services provided by corporate compliance.  

• Learn the fundamentals of information technology and how to access web-based learning programs.      

Orientation Day Two:  Are you familiar with the advantages of a service-based culture? Do you know our policy on performance improvement? Don't worry. At the end of day two, you and your new co-workers will know all this and more about Caribbean Collectibles Creations.     

Day Two Overview  

• Learn the services provided by employee health and describe safe work practices.  

• Learn the strategies that create a positive service culture throughout Caribbean Collectibles Creations.  

• Learn Caribbean Collectibles Creations process for performance improvement.  

• Learn the six-step customer satisfaction and problem solving systems used in Caribbean Collectibles Creations.  

• Learn about your total compensation package, including the full range of benefits and perks. You'll also select benefits based on your personal needs and goals.      

Orientation Day Three:  For most employees, orientation does not end after the second day. They report to their departments for department-specific orientation, or continue to orientation based upon their job duties. The following list outlines the required orientation/classes. If you are unsure which orientation you should attend, please ask the facilitator at New Employee Orientation.      

Leader Orientation  If you are a new administrator, department director or manager, you must be familiar with our philosophy, operations, policies, procedures and practices. In addition to general orientation, leader orientation is routinely conducted. Your administrator or department director is responsible for ensuring that you complete this orientation.

Pre-Orientation Activities

As outlined in your offer letter, there are several key steps you will need to take prior to beginning employment. Be sure you have completed all of the following by the first day of New Employee Orientation.     

Important Points to Remember New Employee Orientation begins promptly at 8 a.m. and ends at approximately 5 p.m. Plan enough time to find parking and arrive at the orientation location before the session begins.    

Dress appropriately: Professional business attire is required during orientation. Please see Caribbean Collectibles Employee Handbook for further information.     

Employee Identification Badge:  To ensure the safety and security of staff and patients, you are required to wear an official Caribbean Collectibles Creations photo ID badge at all times during work hours. Your ID badge may be obtained at Caribbean Collectibles Creations human resources department.     

Parking:  Parking is available throughout Caribbean Collectibles Creations. You must obtain the appropriate parking devices to use these facilities. Depending upon the location of your assigned parking facility, parking may be at no cost to you.

Employee Benefits

Employee Referral Program  

Flexible work arrangements 

Holidays:  New Year's Day  Martin Luther King Birthday  Memorial Day  Independence Day  Labor Day  Thanksgiving Day  Friday after Thanksgiving  Christmas Eve  Christmas Day  Floating Holiday  Personal Holiday  

Leaves Of Absences:  Family Medical  Personal  Educational  Medical  Military  Bereavement Leave (3 days) + Additional PTO if accrued  Medical  Dental  Vision Care  

Life Insurance  

Flexible Spending Accounts  

Direct Deposit    

Retirement Plan  

Employee Incentive Bonus     

*Additional programs will be discussed at orientation